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High School Competitive Winter Conditioning
  • 3:30pm EST - 5:30pm EST December 16th, 2019
  • Newport Rowing Club’s High School Winter Conditioning program is open to athletes in 9th grade through 12th grade. All members of the team, regardless of fitness or experience, will practice together during this program as the workouts are based on personal improvement. Rowing is considered a strength endurance sport. In order to be truly competitive in this type of sport, athletes should work to develop aerobic and anaerobic fitness, and well-rounded, full-body strength. This is the main purpose of NRC’s High School Winter Conditioning program. Physiologically, it only takes 3 days off from exercising to begin to lose fitness. NRC encourages athletes to stay active consistently throughout the year for this reason and provides programs like High School Winter Conditioning to accommodate that. For more information check out our website:
  • Location: Newport Rowing Club, 301 Harvey Dr, Newport, DE 19804, USA

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