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Mercer Fall Classic (Sunday, November 3, 2019)


Mercer Lake, West Windsor, NJ

Athlete Drop Off: 1 South Post Rd, Princeton Junction, NJ

Best Spectator Viewing: 334 S Post Rd, West Windsor, NJ

Parents Sign-up Genius

Maps and Course Information

The regatta has yet to release a detailed course map. The morning flights will be a 4.5k time trial and the afternoon finals will be a 2000m sprint.


Please arrive at the trailer NO LATER than your listed arrival time. 

Coaches and Coxswains Meeting at 7:45am.


(Updated 11/1 at 11:00AM)

9:00AM, Mens Varsity 4x+ Flight, Arrival - 7:00AM
([Cox TBA], Louis du Pont, Webster Lowe, Jack Kerrigan, Khai McCaskill)
Final A at 1:20PM, Final B at 1:10PM, Final C at 1:00PM
**NOTE: This boat will be racing in the Mens Varsity 8+ category**

9:00AM, Mens Novice 8+ Flight, Arrival - 7:00AM
Bow No. 34 (Shannon Finney, Isaac Feldmann, Tanner Boulden, Zachary Tolsdorf, Nicolas Saporito, Samuel Plunkett, Adam Overman, Drew Weber, Jack Allen)
Final A at 2:10PM, Final B at 2:00PM

10:15AM, Mens Varsity 4+ Flight, Arrival - 8:15AM
(Caroline Antunes, Tucker Poff, Sander Katz, Keally Rohrbacher, Wiliam Donovan)
Final A at 2:50PM, Final B at 2:40PM, Final C at 2:30PM

10:15AM, Womens Varsity 8+ Flight, Arrival - 8:15AM
Bow No. 67 (Maria Wirt, Audrey Allen, Felicia Marcozzi, Elizabeth Villec, Sarah Wood, Ella Godsey, Meredith Blowman, Taylor Mathis, Lauren Kidder)
Bow No. 70 (Caroline Spall, Meghan Burton, Alanna Socha, Catherine Keane, Paige Megaw, Abigail Dudderar, Madeline Voss, Rileigh Records, Arundhati Dole)
Final A at 3:10PM, Final B at 3:00PM, Final C at 2:50PM

10:15AM, Womens Novice 8+ Flight, Arrival - 8:15AM
Bow No. 78 (Stephanie Ng, Morgan Dawson, Allison Barkasy, Hannah Fagioli, Grace Moore, Shannon Finney, Ashley Ballinger, Moira Marcozzi, Carlie Sietz)
Final at 2:20PM

NOTE: Finals seeding will be announced mid-day after the flights have concluded. Please check instagram and facebook on the day of the regatta for updates on Finals race times.


The parent tent will be set up on the apron close to the boathouse (near the athlete drop-off). There will be limited spectator parking at Caspersen Boathouse and overflow parking at the soccer fields on the corner of Post Rd and Connover (about a half-mile walk from the boathouse. If you plan to park at Caspersen Boathouse, please be respectful of the designated coach and official parking lot closest to the boathouse.


The best spot to spectate is on the other side of the lake, at Mercer Park. However, we are not able to set up any tents on that side of the lake. Parking at Mercer Park is only available in the paved Boathouse Marina parking lot. Unlike most regattas at Mercer Lake, there will be no parking available on the grass on the South side of the lake.


Athletes who drive themselves should leave extra time to ensure they can park close to Caspersen Boathouse. Athletes should NOT attempt to park on the South side of the lake and walk over.