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General Regatta Information

A Day in the Life of a Regatta

Regatta days are near and our rowers and coaches are now practicing on the water. So what happens next? The parents become the road crew! Following is a brief overview of a Day in the Life of a Regatta.....

The Food Tent:

  • This is the parents’ domain.
  • There is a red trailer at the boathouse containing tents, paper products, coolers, a travel stove, pots, pans, bowls, tables, etc.
  • The red trailer is brought to each regatta by the parents and unloaded to set up the Food Tent.
  • The Food Tent is where athletes will eat between races and meet parents when they are finished racing.
  • Food items will be designated to parents and dropped off to the tent area at each regatta.
  • The Food Tent should stay open until the rowers with the latest race time have had a chance to eat as all of the rowers need a chance to eat and unwind after racing.
  • NOTE: After their race, rowers will need to debrief with their coach, derig their boat, and load their boat onto the trailer. This process can take up to 90min. Parents will likely not be able to seek their rowers until after these items are complete.
  • At the end of the regatta, once all rowers have had a chance to eat, the trailer is packed up by parents and brought back to the boathouse.

Healthy Regatta Food

When athletes eat a balanced diet, their bodies receive the fuel they need to manage energy levels.

Looking for healthy eating options?  Try  items found on  this list...


Cereal, toast, bagel (whole grain)

Fruit and fruit juices

Eggs (boiled or poached are prepared without added fat )

Low fat yogurt or soft cheese

Skim or fat free milk (white or chocolate)


Lunch and Dinner

Low fat soup

Salads with low fat or vinaigrette dressings

Vegetables of all kinds

Lean meat, fish, poultry; skinless and steamed or roasted rather than deep-fried

Peanut butter (natural if possible - in limited amounts)

Bread/rolls/bagels ( whole grain)

Fresh or canned fruit in natural  juice

Low-fat frozen yogurt, sorbet (other desserts limited  to 2 - 3 times per week only)

Skim or fat free milk



Trail mix

Jam/jelly or peanut butter sandwiches

Fresh or dried fruits 

Fig bars, oatmeal cookies

Low-fat fruit yogurt

Power bars/protein bars



Allow adequate time for food to digest.

Large Meal:   4-6 hours.

Liquid Meal:   1-2 hours.

Small Meal:   2-3 hours.

Snack or Sports Drink:  1 hour.

Regatta-Specific Information

  • Food Tent & Food Donations: You will receive an email to remind you the week of the regatta of your designated food item to bring. 
    • Proper nutrition is critical for our athletes to perform at their best.
    • Pre-race Meals:
      • Low-glycemic carbohydrates
      • Whole wheat breads/bagels/pastas, brown rice, grains, beans, steel-cut oats
      • These carbohydrates provide a slower insulin release thus reducing blood sugar fluctuations and give the athlete sustainability.
    • Post-race Meals:
      • Should contain at least 20g of protein
        • Preferably within 30min of racing
        • Grilled chicken, lean beef, peanut butter, protein bar
        • This is important for muscle repair.
      • Low-glycemic carbohydrates
      • Electrolytes (sports drinks, fruits, etc.)
    • Hydration is extremely important before and after a race!!

Mainly, we need to steer clear of high sugar foods such as donuts, cookies, brownies, granola bars that contain high-fructose corn syrup, pastries or white breads/bagels. Let's face it, if the kids have a choice, they are going to choose the sweets. Also, select foods that are low in mayonnaise, fats and oils as this can cause the kids to feel "weighed down"

Regatta Schedule:  An e-mail is sent to you with the tentative race schedule which is always subject to change up until the morning of the races so be sure to check your emails before you leave. This does not usually get sent to you until a few days before the regatta.  The coaches determine what boats will be entered and who will be in which boats in order to give all of the rowers the best chance at success.  (We do not get the schedule of events from the regatta managers until mid-week, so we cannot get the schedule prepared and to you any sooner.)

Where to Find Regatta Details

Most regattas are listed on   where you can find the important information such as parking, schedules, venue map, vendors and directions.  Take the time to check out the website as it will give you an idea of what you might expect.


All Rowers will wear "unis" and can layer clothes under them to keep warm. Regattas have varying rules about uniforms. Some regattas require all rowers to wear the exact same uniform during their race (including hats, jackets, UnderArmour, etc) or else risk being disqualified. For simplicity, we ask that rowers decide in advance with their boat if they are going to bring a certain layer item for during the race.  Make sure rowers bring a dry change of clothes and layers w/ them regardless of what they plan to wear on the water.


If the weather creates unsafe conditions on the river, the coaches, who are in touch with the regatta organizers, will communicate accordingly.  Sometimes a decision to cancel a regatta will not be made until early a.m. on the day of the event.  The coaches will text their rowers and the club will send out an email blast to all parents.  We will also try to have this information on our website.

If the weather is just inclement, the regatta will take place.  In such circumstances, it is critical that rowers dress for the weather in layers, including waterproof jackets to keep them warm and dry while they are rigging and waiting to launch and afterwards when they derig and reload the trailer.  Rowers should avoid cotton clothing as it does not dry quickly and does not hold heat in.  Rowers should layer with weather appropriate UnderArmour and other synthetic fabrics, which they can wear on the boat under their uni during the race, as well as a hat to help them retain heat. Rowers should always have a complete change of dry clothes in their bag on the day of a regatta.

What NOT to Do

Parents/families are not allowed in the area where the boat trailers are parked, where the rowers rig and derig the boats, or at the launch/recovery docks.  Parents/families are not allowed for safety reasons.  These areas are very congested and it's easy to get whacked in the head as crews are moving their boats to and from the launching area.  In addition, the coaches consider this area as their locker room.  It is where they prepare the rowers before the race and debrief with them afterwards.  Please support the coaches' efforts by waiting to congratulate your rower after a race until the coach has released him/her and he/she has joined you at the food tent or other designated area.

What to Bring and other Miscellaneous Tips

Chairs, binoculars, snacks/drinks for yourselves, weather appropriate attire/comfortable shoes.  Allow yourself extra time to get to the venue and park.  Sometimes the traffic near a regatta site is very congested, parking can be challenging, and you may need to walk a distance from your car to the river.

With everyone working together, Race Days run smoothly and it is not a lot of work for any one person. Should you have any questions, please ask.  We are here to support the team and parents.

See you at the river!

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