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Our first Trivia Showdown was a success! Thank you to everyone who showed up to support NRC. Please join me in congratulating our first NRC Trivia Showdown winners, South Jersey Sallies!

Join Us!

1st Annual Trivia Showdown


Saturday, January 18, 2020

4:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Newport rowing club boathouse
301 Harvey Dr, suite 8
newport, de 19804

BYOB and byo-food

Reserve 8-person table for $200


Join us for a fantastic evening of trivia and games! Tickets include 9 rounds of trivia with a variety of categories and will be available online or at the door.

Prizes for Winning Team

NRC Trivia Showdown Plaque with team name & initials of every team member

(8) $10 Wawa Gift Cards


Stickers will be available for purchase throughout the event to increase your chances of winning.

Mulligan Sticker Set - stuck between 2 possible answers? Place this sticker next to a question to record 2 answers. If either is correct, your team receives FULL POINTS for that question! ($15 per sticker, limit 1 sticker per round)

Free Point Stickers - when your tables collective minds go blank, place this sticker next to any question for a free point without recording an answer. ($25 per sticker, limit 3 per table)



50/50 Raffle

Wine Pull

Mystery Snack Grab Bag

Trivia Showdown Rules

  • Up to 8 people per team.
  • No outside help of any kind! Cell, text, internet, print material, etc. No googling anything to do with the quiz, even after your answers are turned in.
  • While spirited debate is appreciated, the MC's decision is final.
  • Before play begins, each team may choose 1 category to receive double points (4 points for each correct answer).
  • SCORING: There will be 2 points available for each correct answer. Teams may receive 1 point for a partially correct answer to a 2-part question. (ex. Who won the academy award for best actor in 2019 and in what film?)
  • The last round will be one question. Teams may wager 0-20 points. If the question is answered correctly, the team gains the number of points wagered. If the question is answered incorrectly, they lose the number of points wagered.
  • TIES: After the 9th round, in the event of a tie for first place, all teams involved in the tie will compete in a mini-round with 1 question. The team with the correct or closest answer wins. In the unlikely event that more than one team puts down the same winning answer, the win will go to the team that hands their winning answer in first to the MC.

The Registration "Trivia Showdown 2020" is not currently available.