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High School Winter Conditioning

The Registration "High School Winter Conditioning" is not currently available.

Please Note: The winter gear order will be placed on Monday, November 18 in order to distribute orders before the winter break. Any orders received after November 17th at 12:00pm that cannot be filled with existing inventory will be filled in March 2020.

New Athletes Wanted!

New to Rowing? Try our program out for a week free of charge!

(We accept new athletes all season long!)


Newport  Rowing Club’s High School Winter Conditioning program is open to athletes in 9th grade through 12th grade. All members of the team, regardless of fitness or experience, will practice together during this program as the workouts are based on personal improvement. Rowing is considered a strength endurance sport. In order to be truly competitive in this type of sport, athletes should work to develop aerobic and anaerobic fitness, and well-rounded, full-body strength. This is the main purpose of NRC’s High School Winter Conditioning program. Physiologically, it only takes 3 days off from exercising to begin to lose fitness. NRC encourages athletes to stay active consistently throughout the year for this reason and provides programs like High School Winter Conditioning to accommodate that.

The High School Winter Conditioning program consists of a variety of different workouts. Athletes will learn basic strength training relevant to rowing and participate in challenging full-body circuits, aerobic workouts (running, erging, biking, jump rope, etc.), and anaerobic workouts. The training plan laid out by our Head Coach , John Cohn, comes from years of experience and research, and is designed to intelligently build in difficulty over a set number of weeks. This allows the athletes to improve quickly while still giving their bodies the appropriate recovery time.


NRC’s High School Winter Conditioning program provides the opportunity for athletes to compete in Mainline Slide, an indoor ergometer race in Philadelphia. The athletes will race as juniors in 2000m sprints, the standard racing distance. This event is a great opportunity to get a feel for the excitement of racing in a more controlled environment. If you’re a parent, this is also a great chance to get an up close and personal seat to watch your child race!


FULL SEASON December 2, 2019 to February 21, 2020
WINTER BREAK December 23, 2019 to January 5, 2020

(No practice January 1st, returning January 2nd)




February 4, 2019 Mainline Slide (Philadelphia, PA)

(Racing dependent on interest.)


$650 / athlete

Note: Online and offline payments available


Newport Rowing Club has had two athletes who have won medals at the C.R.A.S.H.-B. World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston, MA. In 2012, Sabine Sellers placed 5th overall in the Lightweight Junior Women’s 2k and in 2014, Julia Baumel came in 2nd in the Lightweight Under 23 Women’s 2k.

Newport Rowing Club’s alumnus Julia Baumel also held a world record for 4 years for the Indoor Lightweight Women’s Marathon (42,195m) ages 17-18 with a time of 3:09:04.4.

The Registration "High School Winter Conditioning" is not currently available.


Please download and review the parent and athlete handbooks below at the beginning of the season. 

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